Karen Harrington 

Next up, COURAGE FOR BEGINNERS out August 2014. 

ave you ever wished you were a character in a story? Narrated scenes from your own life? Seventh-grader Mysti Murphy does. If her life were fictional, she'd know how to deal with the dual narratives of her world: drama at school where her best friend pretends not to know her so he can be a hipster; and the drama at home where her dad is in the hospital and her mother is afraid to leave the house, even to get groceries.

Here is a girl trying to change her story.


My latest book is SURE SIGNS OF CRAZY

Read an excerpt of the book or read my interview in the Dallas Morning News 
for a little behind-the-scenes information about the story. 


 Praise for

"Sarah is an introspective protagonist...a girl juggling the normal challenges of adolescence with a complex family situation." School Library Journal, starred review


"Readers will rejoice in the way her summer works out." Kirkus, starred review 

"Harrington has created a protagonist who is as clear-eyed, tough-minded, and inspiring as any dystopian hero." - Booklist, starred review



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