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Best American Mystery & Suspense 2024
The Mysterious Disappearance of Jason Whetstone (October 2024)

Crimes Against Nature: New Stories of Environmental Villainy
Todd's Fault (October 7, 2024)

Sisters in Crime North Dallas presents
"Notorious in North Texas" 

Don't Get Caught (June 2024) 
I used to fear the dark, but darkness saved my life that night.

Flash Fiction Magazine
The List (February 2024) Read story here.

John O’Shea, sixty-five, sitting in a borrowed wheelchair. 

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
Fish Around and Find Out (March/April 2024) 

"Now Maynard, I suspect you're wrong about that sandwich." 

Thicker Than Water: A Shotgun Honey Presents Anthology
Whatever happened to Jill Dawn Meade? (August 2023)

I told the police that I don't know where Mama is now and I've never heard of the dead man. 

Guilty Crime Magazine
Acknowledgments (Winner of the 2023 Derringer Award for flash fiction) 
Faithful Reader, BODY IN THE CREEK is book number twenty-two, and I can’t believe it. As a fresh widower, please indulge this old writer a set of acknowledgments as unique as these last trying months. Read the story here.

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

Would You Like A Remedy? (March/April 2023)

 Anne Weems didn't exactly want her husband dead. 

Reckless in Texas, Vol. 2, Sisters in Crime Anthology
The Disappearance of Jason Whetstone (March 2023)

In 2015, a talented mediator disappeared on his way to work. Months later, his remains were found inside the childhood home of one of his clients.  

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
Boo Radley College Prep (Jan/Feb 2021)  -Winner of the 2021 Ellery Queen Readers Choice Award!

When the officer cuffed me, my first thought, honest to God, was that I probably didn’t like that paperback novel because I’d read it sitting in a Whataburger, and maybe that’s not the best place to consume good literature, but damn their spicy ketchup is good. 
Lucky Stars (May/June 2022) 
Milton says to me, “It’s been a long day. Get on over here and wash my feet.” 

Shotgun Honey
My dad lay dying, intermittently mumbling short bursts of information.

Read the story here.
Two Birds, One Todd
Ava was running late for an appointment and backed out of the garage like
a rocket, fatally colliding with Tod

Read the story here.

Mystery Tribune
Another Thing Coming (Feb. 2023)
Don't idle in the center of the grocery story aisle surveying different ketchups. Don't park in front of my house and block the mailbox. Get out of my damn way.

Who Will Miss You, Martin? (2022)
You always have a theme. This time it’s the beach. 
Read the story here.

Pulp Modern
Fame at The Mini Mart (June 2021)
It was never going to end unless you gave them something.
Purchase here.

Kings River Life Magazine
The Party (Dec 2021) 
It was late and the gates were long since closed.
Read the story here.


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