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Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2013)


You've never met anyone exactly like twelve-year-old Sarah Nelson. While most of her classmates geek out over Harry Potter, she writes letters to Atticus Finch. Her best friend is a plant. And she's never known her mother, who has lived in a mental institution since Sarah was two. 

Sarah and her dad have spent the last decade moving from one Texas town to another, and she's never felt truly at home...until now. This is the story of on extraordinary summer in which Sarah gets her first real crush, new friends, and the answers she's always been looking for. 


* A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year (2013) 

* Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award list 2014-2015 

* 2014 Notable Children's book - NCTE

* Parents' Choice Award Winner/ Silver Honor - 2013

* Kentucky Bluegrass Award Master list 2014-2015 

* Young Hoosier Book Award list 2015-2016

* Volunteer State Book Award list 2015-2016

* Spirit of Texas Middle School Reading list 2015-2016



          Praise for Sure Signs of Crazy


"Sarah is an introspective protagonist whose narrative, interspersed with letters and word definitions, keeps readers absorbed...Secondary characters add interest and texture to this compelling novel."―SLJ, starred review


"Don't think this will be a hard sell to readers...for Harrington has created a protagonist who is, in her own way, as clear-eyed, tough-minded, and inspiring as any dystopian hero."―Booklist, starred review

"Readers intrigued by the premise of this moving story will sympathize with the plucky protagonist and rejoice in the way her summer works out."―Kirkus, starred review

"An engaging, warm-hearted story. Beautifully written, Harrington creates a fearless and resilient heroine."―Jewell Parker Rhodes, author of the Coretta Scott King Honor book Ninth Ward and Sugar.

"Sure Signs of Crazy is knowing, hilarious, and tender. Karen Harrington's character portrait of Sarah Nelson is one for the ages."―Pat Conroy, bestselling author of The Prince of Tides and My Reading Life.

"Extraordinary heart."―The Horn Book



Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2014)

Twelve-year-old Mysti Murphy wishes she were a character in a book. If her life were fictional, she'd magically know how to deal with the fact that her best friend, Anibal Gomez, has abandoned her in favor of being a "hipster." She'd be able to take care of everyone when her dad has to spend time in the hospital. And she'd certainly be able to change her family's secret.


Seventh grade is not turning out the way Mysti had planned. With the help of a hot-hair balloon, her new friend Rama Khan--and maybe even the heroes of the Texas Revolution--can she find the courage to change?


Check out the Educator's Guide for this book.


* Maine Student Book Award List 2015-2016

* Spirit of Texas Middle School Reading list 2015-2016



          Praise for Courage for Beginners


"A wrenching and rewarding read."

―Booklist, starred review


"[Mysti's] wickedly good schemes to get even with Anibal and her courageous solutions to family crises will make her a compelling protagonist for sophisticated young readers."

―VOYA, starred review


"Harrington's portrait of a resourceful girl weathering transitions and finding creative solutions offers an even balance of humor and painful topics relevant to middle-school readers."

―Publishers Weekly



Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2016)

Seventh-grade Wayne Kovok lives in the world of AFTER. After his uncle was killed overseas while serving in the army. After Wayne and his mom survived a plane crash while coming back from the funeral. And after he lost his ability to speak. Now, how will he stand up to his super patriotic grandfather? And how will he speak the truth of his disappointments and dreams to his deadbeat dad? 

It's not until he loses his voice that Wayne realizes how much he doesn't say out loud.

         Praise for Mayday

"A compelling exploration of life after a disaster." - Publisher's Weekly, starred review  

"A fine character-driven tale that slowly grows to a crescendo of satisfaction." - Kirkus Reviews, starred review 

"Wayne's is an authentic, funny, and sometimes sarcastic teen voice, .... in this sweet tale of survival, heroism, and the search for strength."  - School Library Journal





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